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How to Increase JIO NET Speed & Check JIO NET Speed

How to Increase JIO NET Speed & Check JIO NET Speed

JIO net speed: This article mainly focused on how to increase jio net speed, jio net speed setting, jio net speed, jio net hotspot  As we all know that everything is possible anytime and in anywhere.Most of the users are not satisfied with the Jio 4G speed and they have a complaint about the jio net speed is not good to download any of the files. In some places, Reliance Jio is providing good speed which can be a great 4G network.

In India, almost every home has a Jio customer who is using Jio network. Due to millions of customers, Jio speed has affected many places and the people are not even getting browsing speed to open any of the application.If you are one of them who aren’t getting good speed then you are at the right place.Here, we can simply provide different steps which can be helpful to all of the Jio customers which may help to how to increase jio net speed instantly. Also Check: jio phone software

Reliance Jio 4G speeds are down, but LTE coverage in India has grown: Report

Reliance Jio’s 4G speeds have gone down post launch, shows data from Speedtest app maker Ookla.Reliance Jio 4G speeds are down since September launch, but overall LTE coverage has increased in India.the below screenshot, the recent speeds we got on Reliance Jio LTE on an iPhone 7.

How to Check Jio net Speed

Jio has provided a great speed for the starting customers and further when the customers are increases they have reduced the speed and providing normal speed which is not making customers satisfied.To increase the speed of jio net, the users can follow the provided steps which can help to get good speed in MB while using Jio network.

To make Jio speed better here is jio net speed setting ‘s to set up, you have to download jio speed app application to your device from the Play Store or you can try an alternative app called  ‘Speed Meter lite app’. After downloading the application you have to follow the basic steps which are required:

  1. The first step is to check whether your network connection is good or not.
  2. Now, select the band network to 40 and save the setting.
  3. Your device should have Jio TV application to check the speed of HD video.
  4. The next step is to make the quality of the video high which helps to check the speed of Jio network.
  5. After completing the procedure, you can check your Jio speed instantly.

Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Data Speed Test Review

All below jio net speed tests were performed using LYF Flame 6 smartphone and we found that Jio’s LTE data download speed was consistently in between 10-18 Mbps.Its peak was 63 Mbps in areas of Central Mumbai.

Reliance Jio Test (Mumbai)

Reliance Jio Test ( Pune)

Reliance Jio Test on Desktop via Hotspot (Nigdi, Pune)

JIO NET Download Speed

Reliance Jio download speeds are declining shows data from Ookla.

How To Increase JIO 4G Download Speed

It is the most important thing to know about the process to increase jio net speed within few minutes.The Jio customers have to check their APN setting and make new APN get the Jio speed faster. This trick is the best working trick which is already tested in different Jio networks and with the great results, we are providing you here only.

Setting the APN Network to Increase Jio 4g Speed

  1. in the name of the APN, you have to write and save it.
  2. Next step is to change the APN and write there ‘joined’.
  3. Now, don’t make any type of changes in several settings such as APN Type, proxy, port, username, and password. It should be the same as given.
  4. In the server, the Jio customers have to write ‘’.
  5. There are more setting which you haven’t make any changes includes MMS proxy, MMSC, and MMS port.
  6. The MCC should be set to 405 if not be the same and the MNC should be set to any of the following 857, 863 or 874.
  7. The last setting that you have to make changes is APN should be IPv4/IPv6.

After making changes in the setting, you can check the Jio speed which can be increased after taking few minutes. This process can be worked in any of the mobile phones which is having 4G networks Enable.

How To Increase Jio 4G Internet Speed Using APN setting

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