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Jio phone Facebook How To Install Facebook in JIO Phone

Jio phone Facebook How To Install Facebook in JIO Phone

Jio phone Facebook: If you are one of the reliance Jio phone users then you can easily access Facebook in your Jio phone and download the application easily. Facebook is one of the most popular social media which can be used by every person. It has been used for the communication or shares different ideas, memories or any of the activity. More than 2 billion users are using Facebook every month and you can also use the Facebook application on your Jio smartphone. Also Check: Does JIO Phone Support Whatsapp

Download FB for Jio phone

Most of the people have trust in Jio services and they are also using Jio phones to enjoy the specific features within less price.This phone can be easily purchased by any of the people.In all over the world, approx. 60% of the people are using Facebook from their smartphones. The Lite version of Facebook is also available which is used with fewer data and an easy to access.

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After the successful launching of the widest network in India with the sufficient data price in limited cost, Reliance has provided the cheapest 4G phone with the minimum price of 1500, which will be returned in future.The owner of the Reliance Jio Mukesh Ambani has given surprises again and again and helped to make the India digital.When the announcement was made for the Jio phones, the booking has broken all over the record within few days. Most of the people applied for this phone and now they are using without any problem.

Does JIO Phone Support Facebook

How to install Facebook on Jio Phone

The system of the Jio phone works on Kai OS, which doesn’t support Google PlayStore to download any of the application.And many of them are confused whether is facebook available in jio phone? The Facebook application that is supported by this phone was created by Firefox as all the apps for Kai OS are made by them.

JIO Facebook App Download

how to download facebook in jio phone Some of the easy steps are given below which help to download the jio 4g facebook app on Jio Phone

  1. Search from your browser and visit the Firefox App Store to begin the process.
  2. Login if you have an account otherwise sign up and make an account there as it is necessary to have an account.
  3. After making an account, sign in to the Firefox app store via inserting your Id and password where required.
  4. Now, you can easily download FB for jio phone, the only thing you have to do is search the jio facebook app download over there.
  5. The final step is to complete the installation process and wait until the application is installed.
  6. Now, you can use the facebook on jio phone easily.

The above detail instruction will definitely help you to download the Facebook application on your Jio phone. One thing you have to keep in mind that the application that you use for Facebook is not to be validated by the main department.

The lite version is more popular which can be easy work in any of the phones and the user can easily download it to access the Facebook without wasting lots of data. Reliance Jio also has their official Facebook homepage; the people can visit it and check the services there as well. Also Check: JIO TV FOR PC


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