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JIO Phone hotspot How to ON and Use Hotspot in Jio Phone

JIO Phone hotspot How to ON and Use Hotspot in Jio Phone

JIO Phone hotspot: Jio Phones are now available in most of the places in India. With the exciting features, Jio has launched the cheapest 4G phone in India and the user have broken all the records while buying Jio phones via advance booking. Those users who have already buy Jio phone have a great news for you all that you can easily use hotspot in jio phone and share your data without downloading any application.Also Check: JIO CINEMA FOR PC

does jio phone has hotspot?

is there hotspot in jio feature phone Yes, it does support WiFi and as well as WiFi hotspot.There is one option of internet sharing option.

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the Present jio phone 1500 model doesn’t have WiFi hotspot facility. it might be enabled with the software upgrade or any software lock since it is wifi hardware. Check Here How to WhatsApp in Jio Phone

How to Enable WiFi Hotspot on Jio Phone

The Hotspot is used to share the data from one device to another.This is available on the android phones and easy to use without facing any problem.The person who wants to send data can also apply security to your Hotspot so that the data can be used by that person who knows the password. is jio phone has hotspot? Jio phone has different models and some of the models have hotspot option whether the other doesn’t have any type of Hotspot option.

Previously, Jio has launched the phone in which the tag Made in China has shown. Now, Jio has changed all the phones and stop those phones in the market and providing that phone which contains Made in India tags.Check Here: JIOFI DEVICE PRICE & PLANS

How To Activate hotspot in jio phone

There are two different ways by which a user can allow to access the internet via using Jio data. This process is already checked and works only in new Jio phones.The user can check any of the two processes which may help you to run Hotspot in Jio phone.

how to enable hotspot in jio phone Trick 1

  1. In this method, the Jio phone user has to open the Jio phone and allow the Bluetooth setting to enable.After allowing the setting, take another android phone in which you have to access the internet from the Jio phone.
  2. In the other phone, select the Bluetooth name of Jio phone and select the setting option there.
  3. After selection, you can see different options under pair devices, you have to select the internet access option there and proceed further.
  4. Now, you can easily access the internet with the help of Jio phone with 4G speed network.

How To on hotspot in jio 1500 phone Trick 2

  1. The first step is to open the Jio phone setting and select the WiFi option to enable.
  2. After selecting, go to the advanced setting which is available in the Jio WiFi setting.
  3. Now, go to the manage networks setting under the WiFi and select the Join Hidden Network Setting.
  4. In this setting, you have to make the changes over there like make the name of your hidden network and if you won’t allow the password to make it safe for the unknown users.
  5. After making changes, use the other android phone and connect to the WiFi instantly.
  6. Enjoy the Jio network with 4G speed and share tour data anytime.

These two processes are easy to access and share the data with any of your friend or family.If you weren’t able to share while using these methods, then wait for the Jio updates and you will get the option to allow the hotspot setting to any of the phone.

how to activate hotspot in jio phone


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