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JIO Phone Software Update Problem


JIO Phone Software Update Problem How to Fix

JIO Phone Software Update Problem How to Fix

JIO Phone Software Update problem: Most of the people are happy after getting the news about the Jio phone software update to KAI OS. The Reliance Company has made a great stand for the customers to provide KAI OS in their Jio phone. This update has become the problem for several users as their phone isn’t working properly or having a problem with jio phone software update failed while rooting the device. check Here:

It is not a major issue the users can solve this issue after reading this. In the software updates process, the one should check the details about the problems and the solution regarding the jio phone software update problem.

Reliance Jio phone OS/firmware update

If you haven’t got any type of update on your Jio phone then it can be visible soon.Jio Company is providing the updates to all the Jio phones to make their experience better while making the phone’s performance better.This update will give you an additional feature which is not available on Jio phones right now. The benefit of this update is the system will run under KAI OS and helps the device to perform smoother. Also check: JIO Phone Hotspot

Steps to update KAI OS in Jio Phone

It is not a difficult task to update any of the smartphones but in the Jio phone, many of the users are having jio phone latest software update problem. The jio phone firmware update can take more time and date so the phone should be fully charged and the data connection should be there on the device.The requirement of data connection is necessary as the update may take some additional file for jio phone software download and the good network connection can help to complete the process as soon as possible.

How To Update JIO Phone Firmware

  1. Before starting the updating process make sure your battery should be fully charged and there should be a good working internet connection on your device.
  2. The beginning step is to visit the setting of the phone and select the Device setting which is available at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the device information, check for the update status whether it is showing an update of device or not.
  4. You can easily check different settings like Model of Jio phone, Jio number, and LYF software update.
  5. Start the update process and wait until it complete.
  6. After completing the downloading process, you have to install the software.
  7. The update can automatically fix different application errors such as Jio cinema, Jio express, My Jio, Jio music and any other application error.

After the installation process completed most of the people are facing different issues. If your update status is showing ‘no update available’ then your device is completely updated else you have to check the update if given or not. This problem may generate because the users haven’t followed the steps properly and the device is not updated fully.

In this case, the device may cause hanging problems or the device will not complete booting process. You can resolve this problem while doing the simple process after getting this type of problems. The thing that you have to do is switch off your Jio phone and remove the battery of the phone.After removing the battery, it can fix your problem and the device will work properly. Also Check: JIO TV FOR PC

JIO Phone Latest Software Download & Update


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