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Jio4Gvoice For PC & Android Download Offline Calls Problem solved

Jio4Gvoice For PC & Android Download Offline Calls Problem solved

Jio4GVoice: in this article, you get to know about how to use jio4gvoice, how to configure jio 4g voice,jio4gvoice for pc. Reliance Jio has provided Jio4GVoice App for Android phones and as well as jio 4g voice app for iphone
which helps to connect normal as well HD video calls and also voice calling.This application was basically meant for those 4G users who didn’t have VoLTE in their 4G phone. This application helps the users to precede national calls for free but the condition is that the customer should have Jio sim with the working plan. Also Check: How To increase jio speed

jio4gvoice Download For Free Voice Calls

The Jio4GVoice App is now reached to the billions of users in India and they are taking advantage of the facilities of the Jio services.Any of the users can easily download the application in their phones which is available in the PlayStore for free.

Steps to download Jio4Gvoice Apk are as follows:

  1. The first step is to visit the PlayStore of the Google and search for the Jio4Gvoice app.
  2. Filter the searching result and tap on the icon which shows Jio voice call application.
  3.  Now, begin the download process and wait until it downloads in your smartphone.
  4.  Finally, you can enable to use Jio4Gvoice application on your phone after sign up for the application with Jio number.

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jio4gvoice for pc Windows 8

It is also a working process to download Jio4Gvoice application on your PC. All the functioning of the application will be same as compare to the Android version and the user can enjoy the 4G voice calling from their system also.This process contains Emulator which may help to open the application jio 4g voice for windows to run on the system.

The one can easily download it from the following steps provided below:

  1. The first step is to download the Emulator software in your Pc which can be available in the site easily.Most of the people usually use BlueStacks for downloading Android apps.
  2.  After downloading the software, sign in with your Gmail account there which is compulsory to work.
  3. Now, you have to search in the software for Jio4Gvoice and proceed to download it.
  4. Provide your Jio account ID and password there to sign in with your Jio number for experiencing free video as well voice calls.
  5. Finally, you can easily use Jio4G voice calling services in your system.

Jio4G voice application not working

If you are having the problem of voice calling which is not working on your phone then don’t worry it will work after jio video call app download the application on your phone. The reason behind this inconvenience is that the Jio has provided free calling for those customers who are having phones which contain VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) features and the rest of the phones contain lite feature which only supports 4G services but are not enabled for the free calling. For that purpose, Jio4Gvoice is made to provide the calling feature to the normal 4G phones with the HD video calling as well.

Unable to detect Jio sim with which jio4gvoice is configured

It is a very common problem that the Jio customers have to face once after using the Jio services. There are so many reasons for that issue the one of the most convenient reason is the network issue and the application unable to detect the Jio sim.
For that case, the users have to switch off their cellphone and remove their Jio sim once and insert it again. After doing that process, re-open the mobile phone and run the application. Now, you can easily access check the status of Jio4Gvoice call which will turn online. Check Here: upgrade jio phone

How To Configure JIO 4g Voice

How to activate jio 4g voice call apps and configure your phone to use Reliance Jio 4G LTE Sim and make Voice Call VoLTE jio4gvoice download for free voice calls On your mobile phone and if you are not aware of how to configure the jio 4g voice application please watch below video setup jio 4g voice app on your handset

Jio sim calling problem solved

Jio 4G Voice Offline Call Not Connecting Problem Solved in jio phone in the below video you have Step by step instructions to Solve Jio 4G Voice Offline Problem Still My Call is Not Connecting Why I’m not receiving SMS on Jio sim? Check Here: JIO customer care


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