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KBC JIO APP JIO Chat KBC App Play Along Download

KBC JIO APP JIO Chat KBC App Play Along Download

KBC JIO: Every person knows about the KBC series which helps the people to earn money by just giving the answers to the questions.In every new season, they have increased the prize money and in this season, the prize money which is declared is Rs 7 Crore, a great price for the person who can grab the chance to get that much amount.

Other than the KBC program, the Reliance Jio is representing the KBC and now the people have a great chance to earn rewards from their home itself By using JIO chat KBC play along download.Most of the visitors are decided to play the KBC game from their home and got something for a price.It is confirmed that every player who is participating directly or indirectly can get the chance to win exciting prices. Check Here: Enable Hotspot on Jio phone

About Jio KBC Help

In the commercial advertisements, the message is conveyed that every visitor will play KBC from their home and win prices in every single episode.This offer was given to all the people whether they have Jio sim or not, they can also play the KBC game online.For Any Jio Assistance contact: JIO Customer Care

Those visitors who are playing KBC JIO will get exciting prices.These prices may vary from the answers to the questions that a user can give.In every single day play, points will be added to their score and in the next day, they will get exciting prices.

How To Open JIO Chat KBC Play Along, KBC live

Those users who didn’t know about the procedure to play Jio KBC at home can get it here.There is not any type of cost payment or online mode which can help to play Jio KBC, the one should have Jio Chat on his/her phone to be eligible for the KBC game. It is not necessary to have Jio sim to play Jio KBC game, the only thing is the person should have Jio Chat to log in and play. The other customer didn’t eligible for the Jio question for the Datsun Car; this opportunity is only given to the Jio customers to answer the questions from their Jio number. Also Check: Download Shareit for Jio Phone

Step-By-Step process to play Jio KBC from your phone:

  1. The first step is to download the Jio Chat which is available in the PlayStore easily.
  2. After downloading jio chat KBC app download, provide your details to log in for the Jio Chat.
  3. Now, you have to wait until the season KBC Registration will start and ready to participate in the game.
  4. Finally, you can easily play Jio KBC from your phone using KBC APP and win exciting prices.

This is a great surprise for the Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani, for giving the opportunity to play the KBC JIO game and won the exciting prices.

What are the Prices For Jio KBC Play at Home

This game is worth playing and the player will get exciting prices.The user gets exciting prices which are given to those players who are a regular player and give mostly right answers in every episode. Check Here: Upgrade Jio Phone kaiOS

KBC JIO prizes are:

  1. The biggest price is the Trip of the couples to America.
  2. Hero Maestro Edge Scooter.
  3. Vouchers for the Amazon worth Lakhs of Rupees.
  4. The regular Vouchers prices for AJIO.
  5. 5 GB Data pack for Jio customers.

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2018 Timings

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