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How to use Whatsapp on Jio Phone 4g Mobile

How to use Whatsapp on Jio Phone 4g Mobile

Jio Phone WhatsApp: How to use Whatsapp on Jio Phone Most of the people are using Jio phone which was launched by the Reliance Company.It is considered as one of the lowest cost smartphones until now and has several features & functions which you can check on our site. Jio Phone Specifications|jio phone os update

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Jio Phone Tips & Tricks for Whatsapp

The users are using Jio phone with lots of excitements like jio live TV App but they are not so happy because the user cannot use Whatsapp feature on this phone, jio phone Whatsapp download is not possible or. JIO Phone WhatsApp support, However, almost every user is unhappy and wants to use Whatsapp in Jio phone. Also Check: Dual Selfie Camera at Rs 899

Can We Use WhatsApp on JIO Phone? Yes You Can

If truly says then there is not any Whatsapp for Jio phone but the exciting news is that it is possible to use Whatsapp in Jio phones.This trick is real and 100% working which is already tested by expert’s team and reveals that the user can use Whatsapp in Jio phone without having any problem without jio phone WhatsApp download. Check Here: JIO APP Free Download

This is really an amazing trick to use Whatsapp feature on your Jio phone without using an app.This trick is unknown to many users and they even don’t have hope to use Whatsapp feature on their Jio phone.You have to follow all the instructions step by step so that you cannot face any problem while using Whatsapp in your Jio phone Also Check: does jio phone support facebook

Step by Step Method to Use Whatsapp in Jio phone

  1. The first step is to open the browser in Jio phone to search the link “browser ling.”
  2. Then click the first site which you see in the browser and open it.
  3. In this site, select the browser like opera, chrome, Firefox but do not select Internet Browser.
  4. After selecting the browser, search the link.
  5. You can see QR Code for Whatsapp when you open the link which is used to run Whatsapp on the web page.
  6. This code will appear in the zoom screen you can zoom out while using the ‘1’ key and for zoom in use key ‘2’.
  7. The final step is to scan this code from the phone in which you are using Whatsapp.
  8. Finally, the full format of Whatsapp will appear in your Jio phone and you can use Whatsapp all functions there.

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