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JIO Phone 2 Booking Online Price & Features Next Flash sale Date

JIO Phone 2 Booking Online Price & Features Next Flash sale Date

Jio phone 2 is the new venture of Jio Company that is now taking the market by storm. This phone has been launched with promises made by the Ambani’s to hit the cellular market strong. The Jio phone 2 features of this new phone have been made to get in competition with the Gen Next phones as well. Jio Phone, this new committed project to string in huge lots of new smart cell phone customers from India’s hinterlands with a conversion cell phone, has now got what it had skipped the applications that are most preferred by smartphone customers.

Isha Ambani, daughter of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and managing director of the Reliance groups, recently declared at Reliance  Industries NSE 0.54 %’ 41st yearly common conference in Mumbai that Jio Phone would now come prepared with YouTube, Facebook or my space and WhatsApp. All of this was declared on the 15th of August 2018.

 Jio Phone 2 Specifications

  • Operating system: KaiOS, same as Jio Phone.
  • 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM
  • SD cards for extended storage space up to 128GB.
  • Display of 2.4QVGA
  • 2-megapixel back camera and VGA front-facing camera
  • Backs dual-SIM, LTE, Vo-LTE, and Vo-Wi-Fi
  • Phone facilitates FM, Wireless, GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC.
  • Now facilitates Facebook or my space, YouTube, and WhatsApp applications
  • The price has now been scratched down to Rs 500 for the Jio Phone 2.

Does Jio Phone 2 Available in The Markets?

Yes, the phones have been made available in the markets from August 15th, 2018. They have been made available in the offline as well as the online markets. One can find these on the websites of the Jio, shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart and also in the retail stores of Jio Phones.

The Jio Phone 2 is out and how with the optimum facilities and the best durability with the customers. Check out on the online reviews for more details.

The question still remains high as for how to book Jio Phone 2 booking? For such queries, go to the question and answers section where the frequently asked questions have been answered.

Jio Phone 2 Style and Display

The new Jio Phone 2 is amazingly different from its forerunner in conditions of design. Jio Phone 2 has a QWERTY keyboard now along with a 4-way routing pad. While the form aspect is different now, Jio Phone 2 and Jio Phone have the same 2.4-inch show.


Jio Phone 2 buy comes with the same camera options as the Jio Phone. This has a 2-megapixel camera at the back and a 0.3-megapixel (VGA) camera in the front side. Both mobile phones can record videos.

Connection, battery power, and OS

In conditions of connectivity, Jio Phone 2 provides new options like double SIM assistance and Vo Wi-Fi. Most of the features stay same like 4G Vo-LTE assistance, FM stereo, Wireless, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC. On the software front side, both mobile phones run KaiOS and are driven by a 2,000mAh battery power.

RAM and storage

In conditions of storage, Jio Phone 2 comes with the same potential of 512MB of RAM and 4GB of inner storage space. There’s a micro SD card port for further development up to 128GB.

JIO Phone 2 Apps

Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 both come with access Jio Apps like My Jio, Jio Music, Jio TV and more. Jio Phone 2 has amped things up with assistance for popular social applications like Facebook or my space, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Jio Phone 2 Price

Jio Phone costs Rs 1,500 (refundable after three years), while the Jio Phone 2 will be available at a high cost of Rs 2,999. Dependency Jio is likely to declare a similar refundable plan with a more recent design as well. The Jio phone 2 price in India varies with place and the taxes in additional. The taxes of that particular state add on the actual market price of the phone!

One in four cell phones are now easily Indian at the CKD (completely broken down) level, adding more local value addition, it said. Reliance Retail outlet was able to create a new type of device called combination cell phones, which was implemented by Indian producers Micromax and Lava, although their deliveries were smaller, CMR said.

CMR describes combination cellular phones as cellular devices that have a feature phone form factor with 4G connection and may have a shut applications environment.CKD manufacturing is a degree of manufacturing that includes more regional value inclusion than SKD (semi-knocked down), which is the more ground-level building of devices.The move to CKD from SKD comes after the government charged transfer responsibilities on more key elements, besides on absolutely designed devices, to enhance the Create in Indian effort.

Does Jio phone 2 support hotspot ?

Yes, the answer happens to be.The Jio phone 2 does have a hotspot available to the phone. The facilities are basic and are very much an addition to the overall value of the phone.Many of the users had the misconception that the Jio Phone 2 did not have the hotspot facility, whereas it did. The new feature add-on has the Wi-Fi and the hotspot facilities.

Does jio phone 2 support WhatsApp Facilities?

Yes.The Jio Phone 2 does support WhatsApp on the device.WhatsApp is an application available for all the devices of Jio Phone.The Jio Phone has always supported the WhatsApp facilities.

Does Jio phone 2 dual sim or not?

Yes,it is a dual sim operator.Introducing many new features,this time up,Jio decided to go dual sim. The sim cards that will be supported are up on the website and are many of them,being non- Jio.This time around, people can opt for sim cards other than the reliance company cards for their Jio Phones.

Does Jio Phone 2 Touch Screen type?

No,this is QWERTY type of keyboard.This keyboard supports typing via the keyboard and not touching the screen and getting the things done on the screen.There are navigators on the keyboard and are used as a simple non-touch screen phone.As seen in pictures too, it is clearly QWERTY type.


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