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Jio Phone 4G Does Support Whatsapp ?-India ka smartPhone

Jio Phone 4G Does Support Whatsapp ?-India ka smartPhone

Jio Phone 4G: It’s been Jio Phone all over which took its name in the trending discussion and became a common interest amongst the people from the past 3 days ever since its inception on 21st July 2017 by Mukesh Ambani at the Company’s Annual General Meeting. Also Check:jio phone 4g Booking Online

The Jio Phone comes into the market with a jaw dropping deal of zero rupees in explicit terms free of cost. But the customer has to deposit a security fund of rupees 1500 to the company which will be refunded to the customer after 3 years which makes the mobile free of cost. The main intention of Jio Phone is to target the future 4G users. As per the statistics said by Mukesh Ambani, Out of 78 crores phones – 50 crores are feature phones that cannot be used for Internet or data purposes. At the outset, Jio  Phone brings 4G services feasible to 50 crore users to avail 4G services thereby steeping the Digital Inclusion of India.

Will Whatsapp Work On Jio 4G:

The features offer, and price that it is available to the customers makes everyone amazed. Soon after the demo, the queries are even higher.Will this app is compatible or not on this phone kind of queries. .Out of the many, the common query raised by most is about Whatsapp- the app very most will use on a consistent basis 24/7.

As per the timely information, we have,  Jio phone 4G-India Ka SmartPhone is not compatible to use WhatsApp application.This might mood off many users.But apart from Whatsapp, it has many other features like Jio apps, it supports Fb, PM Man Ki Baat etc all.But lacking WhatsApp is still they need to figure it out why. Yet they are coming with Jio chat apps to support their inbuilt apps in the near by future to compete with WhatsApp, well it’s altogether a different story now.So as per now, it was confirmed that Jio Phone 4G will be launched without Whatsapp.But we never know what happens near future, the chances are much bright that they might add up the Whatsapp future on the phone at the time for pre booking sale based on the numbers.

Phone Availability:

This Phone will available to user testing phase from beta mode on 15th August.Soon after the Beta testing, the phone will be available to the Pre booking sale from 24th August onwards.The phone is expected to get into the customer’s hands in the month of September as per the information stated by Reliance.

Apart From Whatsapp Support – Data T&C’s:

The offers announced on Jio Phone 4G are extremely scintillating on paper. Coming to mainly on data, it says a user can access unlimited data if they can afford to recharge with rs.153, also provide free voice calling as well. Now see the brighter, it offers 500 MB i,e half of a Giga Byte per day.Until the user surpasses 500MB limit in a day, the customer can enjoy 4G services at a quick pace, but when it crosses the limit the speed eventually falls but still, the customer can avail net with minimal speed- Justifying their quote “Unlimited internet.

For latest updated and trends on Jio Phone 4G – India Ka Smartphone, stay tuned to this page as we get you more insights on this.Thanks for reading.


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