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JIO Phone Whatsapp On KaiOS How to Download & install ?

JIO Phone Whatsapp On KaiOS How to Download & install ?

jio phone Whatsapp: Reliance has come back with the exciting news for the Jio phone users that Whatsapp application has been added to the Jio phone 1 and Jio phone 2 which enables the user to experience Whatsapp on Jio phones. Jio phone works on KaiOS and comes for the price of Rs 1500 only. It is one of the cheapest Smartphone in India. Reliance Jio has provided several benefits for the customers regarding Data and mobile phone with cheaper cost. Their trust towards the customer is more and covers almost all the regions of India. These services are only available for the people living in India. Now people can easily get Whatsapp for Jio phone download.

Most of the Jio users are having the problem of Whatsapp as not supported before. People have to use another phone for using Whatsapp application only. Whatsapp is one of the useful applications which we are using every day to collect information or personal communication. Now you can get Jio phone Whatsapp install in it easily without any charges. check: jio tv for pc download

How To Download Whatsapp for Jio phone

After hearing the exciting news, people are more excited to know to get Whatsapp for Jio phone download free. Jio phone is similar to other android phone and supports most of the android applications which contains fewer data. You can easily use the browser in it to search for the internet, YouTube feature also provided in Jio phone, and users can also use any of the Jio application in Jio phone whether it is of Jio Cinema or Jio TV application.

After providing too many features in the lowest price phone, Jio has given exciting news for the people for easily Jio phone Whatsapp Install feature. The Whatsapp application will normally work as working in different android phones. The user can send data easily through Whatsapp or can use multiple chat features in Jio phones.

How To install WhatsApp in jio phone

It may not be a big challenge for the users to get Whatsapp feature in their Jio phones. how to install WhatsApp on jio phone The procedure is very simple and easy which can be helpful for the users who want to use Whatsapp safely into their device. The downloading procedure is similar as for Android deceives. Whatsapp application is now provided in the app store of Jio phone which can easily download in the phone.

The Jio phone contains its app store as Google Play Store not supported in the device. This store carries all the application which can be run efficiently on Jio Phone. Recently, Whatsapp has added to the app store in which a user can download it manually without suffering any problem. Check: Shareit or jio phone

jio phone WhatsApp Download Steps 

  1. The first step is to visit the app store in the Jio phone or Jio phone 2.
  2. Now, search for the Whatsapp application into the search box and click okay to search.
  3. You will get filter result of all the use of related search, select for Whatsapp application and proceed further.
  4. After Jio phone Whatsapp install over, you have to insert your number for login into Whatsapp.
  5. Finally, you can easily use Whatsapp application with simple download methods.

Before downloading keep in mind to use the procedure step by step so you cannot face any problem while downloading. You will get Whatsapp in Jio Phone without Browsing. Whatsapp provides an online platform for the Jio users to use Whatsapp via login there. Several Jio users almost use this facility for not getting Whatsapp features on the device. Also Check: jio phone software update

Problem while downloading Whatsapp on Jio phone

People are advanced enough nowadays; they already installed Whatsapp after the quick announcement. One or two out of ten people are facing problem while downloading Whatsapp on their Jio phone or Jio phone 2. They are receiving an error in their phone while pursuing downloading procedure.

If you are also facing problem regarding Jio Whatsapp Install, then it can be helpful for you. As Whatsapp roll-out provided in the Jio phones, but they will work after 20th September in all of the Jio phones. It can be a long time for the users to wait but to provide Whatsapp the team has to work while fixing minor issues son you have not to face any problem in future.

Moreover, if you want to make your satisfaction about knowing more about Whatsapp detail or software download, you can directly call to the Jio helpline number 1991 which is to be prepared for handling the problems of the users. Their usual helpline number will not provide you with detailed information about the Jio Whatsapp application; this is the only number which was produced by Jio to provide a solution for the customers. Check: how to increase jio net speed

How is it possible for Jio phone to run Whatsapp application?

Since Whatsapp application is available for Android or iOS devices and Jio phone works on KaiOS. The company has made the design of the Whatsapp version for Jio phones to grab a large number of customers. For that, Whatsapp has designed for the KaiOS which is similar to the regular Whatsapp. The company did impossible thing possible after providing Whatsapp on cheap cost Jio phone.

Is Whatsapp for kaiOS works similar to standard Whatsapp application?

Absolutely yes! The new Whatsapp application for KaiOS will work same as the usual Whatsapp with the same features. The users can quickly send pictures, videos or any data easily. It also enables the users for multi-chat option and can generally talk from the Whatsapp application. This application is made for less data usage and cannot take more space as usual Whatsapp. It can only allow for normal functioning, and advanced features may not be available in this application.

You can easily send the voice message from your Jio phone Whatsapp in case you hurry to inform someone. It also allows the user to exit the group from the option provided in the right side of the screen.

All the details are provided while forecasting the problems that a user has to face while installing Whatsapp on Jio phone. The typical phone user can know more about the downloading procedure from Play Store and can do the same process in Jio phone app store. Reliance Jio recent news made several users happy and wanted to grab more users all over India. Maximum users are using Jio network for the fast internet with cheaper cost, and some of them are having Jio devices for getting more benefit from Jio.  Check Here: How to use jio phone hotspot


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