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Reliance JIO 4G VOLTE PHONE Things to Know about

Reliance JIO 4G VOLTE PHONE Things to Know about

Reliance JIO 4G VOLTE PHONE was introduced by Mukesh Ambani the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance groups at 40th Annual General Meeting on 21st July 2017.The main intention of the launching this phone is to make our Nation as DIGITAL INDIA which is the vision of our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. For that Reliance sharing their hand to accomplish this target by releasing JIO 4G phone which is introduced as a feature phone to the public. Once Jio 4G phone announcement came into the public so many queries started revolving into the every common phone user especially those who are having the willing hearts to purchase this feature phone. So all customer need to know few certain things about this phone before purchasing it.

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Will Jio 4G phone supports Dual SIM? :

After launching the Jio phone it is very common to develop so many doubts regarding the phone, facilities, and apps. One of the common doubt which comes in the customer mind is whether this feature Jjio phone supports Dual SIM or not, including with this it is interesting to know whether it accepts other SIM to be used in the Jio phone along with the Jio SIM. As Jio phone is introduced as a feature phone it should have Dual SIM facility

The processor of Jio Phone :

Everyone is now curious about to know by which processor the Jio phone is powered by. Qualcomm India had tweeted that Glad to Partner with @reliancejio on the new #jio phone, powered by our #205 mobile platform. By this tweet, we can understand that Jio phone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor.

Does it support Hotspot? :

It is very natural that most of the Android devices will support Hotspot. But we did not find any Android OS in Jio phone. At present we have no idea about whether the  Jio phone will have hotspot or not. As they want to provide Jio phone to everybody importantly who like to have a smartphone in their hands definitely Jio team will consider about having the feature like a hotspot in Jio phone. So we have to wait for some more time to know about hotspot in this Jio 4G phone.

Battery capacity of Jio Phone :

Will Jio Phone supports Android  and iOS :

Knowing about Battery life is one of the main aspects of any kind of phone user before buying a mobile. Usually, all the smartphones are known to have a good battery capacity. As Jio phone is not similar to other devices, it should have a great battery life because as it is supporting  4G connection and we connect  Jio phone with any tv- cable and many other features are uploaded in the mobile. Reliance is supplying this phone with very good battery but right now we did not have any clue about battery capacity. Also Check: Jio Phone 4G Does Support?

As we have seen the pictures of Jio phone on presentation we came to know that it will support the version of Firefox OS and it also supports the NFC based payments so all we need to do is we have to link our Bank account with the mobile but surprisingly Jio phone is not supporting  PayTM  and  WhatsApp  because Jio wants to close to the customers with Jio Chat and Jio money services. We can see some applications like Jio tv, Jio music, Facebook, and Google. For further information, we need to wait for some time.


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