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Reliance Jio Phone 4G Full price and Specifications

Reliance Jio Phone 4G Full price and Specifications

Reliance Jio 4G Phone: Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani announced the Launch of
INDIA KA SMART Phone Jio 4G at the 40th annual general meeting (AGM) on July 21.The main purpose of this phone is to transfer feature phone users into the smarter device users. It transforms the lives of 50 crore feature phone users.Mukesh Ambani said in his speech VOICE CALL on Jio phone will be absolutely FREE.He said before Jio came in India the data consumption was about 20 crore GB per month but after releasing Jio it was increased to 120 crore GB per month.There is 78 crore phone users, out of this 50 crore feature phone users are not able to afford for Internet or Data usage. In our Nation, within upcoming 12 months, Jio will be able to reach 99 percent of the present day population. Also, Check: jio phone 4g does support WhatsApp?

Reliance Jio Phone 4g Unboxing and First Look

Let’s have a sneak look at Reliance Jio 4G features it offers to the customers:

 Incredible Features of Jio Phone:

  • Jio Phone is easy and friendly to use.It is the most affordable phone in the world because it does not even cost a penny. It is effectively free and requires the buyers to pay Rs 1500 which is completely refundable after 3 years.
  • InBuilt Jio Apps: Reliance came up with colors to make the phone looks cool. The phone got carried with all the Jio weapons meant to say the Jio apps such as  Jio music, Jio cinema, Jio tv, Jio Chats and much more.
  • Display: It has 2.4 inches colored display, dual SIM card slots.
  • SD card slot FM radio and it may have GPS and supports 22 Indian languages but it is not supporting Whats app at this movement which can be considered as a setback.
  • It supports Voice commands for making calls and messages to someone.
  • Jio Phone has another useful feature like if Jio phone user can long press the
    number 5 Jio phone immediately will send the distress message to emergency contacts.
  • It provides unlimited data just for Rs 153 per month and calls and SMS are free,
    and two smaller recharge sachets are available one with Rs 24 recharge sachet
    valid for 2 days, and the other with Rs 54 recharge sachet valid for 7 days.
  • Jio Phone Cable TV: The other accessory of Jio phone is Jio phone-TV cable that connects Jio phone with any tv.Jio phone streaming services can be enjoyed by the whole family just by opting
    pack Rs 309 per month for Jio phone-tv cable.
  • Jio phone will be available from August 15 for testing and pre-booking from
    August 24 and device will be available for purchasing from September onwards.
  • Tariffs and prices for Jio phone: Jio Phone is easy and friendly to use.It is the most affordable phone in the world.It is effectively free and cheapest mobile.Jio is going to take a step forward to win the hearts of basic phone users who have been dreaming for years to hold a
    smartphone in their hands by providing Jio Phone at absolutely Rs.0 with one simple
    deposit of Rs 1,500 which consumer has to pay before hand. At this point, one might
    be skeptic about losing their small investment, but Jio here has to say that our money
    is safe in their wallet and the money which is deposited by the consumer will be refunded
    after three years of purchasing.

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